Welcome to Brisbane Family Law Services, a company that will assist with all of your family law demands and specializes on family law. Our solicitors have chosen to specialise in family law, de facto association legislation and fertility and surrogacy law because they have an interest and a passion for assisting clients in these regions of the law through their problems. Appreciated by his customers because of his or her professionalism, Dan has worked to develop a design that assists clients to make decisions concerning their children and their financial interests.

Award winning Brisbane family attorneys practicing exclusively in family law, custody, de facto relationship law and fertility and surrogacy legislation. Another party’s attorneys were exceptionally competitive while Michael Lynch Family Lawyers remained composed and professional. Our Administration Team at Best Wilson Buckley Family Law.

Amy has close to 10 years’ experience in family law in Brisbane, providing her with an understanding of all areas of family law such as property settlement and divorce applications; also as holding a Certificate III in Business Administration and a Certificate in Legal Support. Lynn has over 10 years’ experience in has an exceptional understanding in most region of the specialisation and only practising family law although with domestic violence cases, and a particular interest in child protection matters.

It’s a challenging moment. Our lawyers are available for teleconferencing via phone or Skype – let our staff know and we’ll arrange this for you. Amity has practised exclusively in family law because her entry from 2008 with extensive experience in a top tier firm in Brisbane. MacDonnells Law has experienced family and divorce law teams in Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville.

James Noble Law Brisbane is highly skilled in the practice of mediation. Before joining the Finest Wilson Buckley Family Law Team as an Associate in 2015 Neal worked only in family law companies in Brisbane. . In addition to her qualifications, Alecia holds a Diploma in Children’s Services as well as a degree in Psychology.

Max joined BWB in 2014 as a member of the administrative team, bringing with him expertise in marketing, legal support and client support. Trust history and the experience of James Noble Law Brisbane. Clear alternatives and advice every step of the way, so you feel confident and prepared to make the decisions that are proper for your loved ones and you.

With over 30 years experience, Journey Family Lawyers has got the expertise that you require, to attain. James Noble is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist with more than 40 years experience as a solicitor practising Family Lawyers Brisbane in family law. In 2013 Clarissa started writing her ideas about the way to have a ‘joyful divorce’ on a blog called ‘The Family Lawyer’.